BACK IN 1978

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Mike Chepner

Where it all began…

My family life had begun with brand new twins and I had set up my business at the basement of a small hotel.

This was me, on the first rung of the ladder selling Carabou jeans to loyal market traders, having started off as one myself.

One Small Step to One Giant Leap

2016 – 38 years on…

The family business (my son and daughter have joined forces) has grown…

Having been in the business for so long, I have dealt extensively with valuable contacts who along the way have taught me so much about this industry gaining the knowledge I’ve needed to expand the business and pursue avenues needed to help keep us ahead of the game. This includes the importing of stock which we do for the majority of our lines getting good value for our money. This therefore allows us to be competitive in our prices.

We are stockists of the complete menswear range and hold full stock of:- formal/casual trousers, suits, jeans, knitwear, summer/winter coats, belts, braces, shirts and ties. Our stock also includes a full range of boys school trousers.

This is my journey (in a very small nutshell) if you wish to take a further look then please visit us. Or you could contact if you have any questions or queries.

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